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Polaroid Land Camera Model 185
Polaroid Land
Model 185

(manufacture dates unknown, but probably sometime between 1965 and 1975)

The elusive Model 185 came equiped with a top quality Mamiya Sekor 127mm ~ f/5.6 coated glass lens and coupled Cds metering. The shutter was a conventional mechanical leaf shutter type with manual exposure settings. It utilized a "centered needle" type of meter with a Lighten/Darken control. Apparently this was provided to make exposure compensation more convenient and accurate. This model is similar to the Model 180 (1965-69) but with Cds meter and better lens. This Polaroid model is considered extreamly rare. Collector's value: $350-$500.

Martin (Marty) Kuhn, of The Land List provides more details about the model:

"COLLECTOR NOTES: This model was apparently never officially offered for sale by Polaroid. Reportedly, these very special cameras were designed and produced to be given as gifts to friends and business associates of Dr. Land. Very few were made-- reports vary, but the production run has been estimated as being anywhere between 50 and 200. (McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras suggests that only about 30 were made, but perhaps that was an underestimate.)

"Due to the unusual nature of this camera, this is obviously not going to be an easy find. I have received a report of a sighting of this camera at a camera show in Europe, and have seen one surface at an online auction. (No, I didn't have the winning bid.) In any case, this camera would certainly qualify as the only truly rare Polaroid camera.

"This model is not to be confused with the current Model 185 (2000 Version) pack camera sold by Polaroid Japan."

Other information was found in McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras.

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for other brands of Antique and Classic Cameras
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