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Polaroid SX-70 Camera


This was the first in a series to feature reflex mirror action. It unfolded out and up from a flat position and featured bellows in a vertical position as well as manual focus abilities. This model camera used a new film pack, Time Zero Films*, that automaticly ejected the prints from the camera upon exposure and you could watch the print develop in front of your eyes. Another innovation was building the battery to operate the camera right into the film pack thus ensuring each time a fresh power source. You could focus as close as 10.5 inches and have fully automatic exposures up to 14 seconds. These cameras came in tan leather and chrome color and were very popular. This first model of the line (Deluxe) did not have a focusing distance scale on lens or a tripod socket. This is considered a user/collector camera and has a collector's value of $25-$55.

Later models such as the Alpha 1 (1978) have fully automatic exposures up to 14 seconds, tripod socket, and focusing distance scale on lens and a carrying strap as well. An electronic flash was offered as an alternative to the flashbar.
Collector's value: $55-85.

The Sonar Reflex models automaticly set focus on its subjects using sonar technology built into the camera. The sonar unit would automaticly focus the lens onto your subject. Sonar is the sending out of sound waves and measuring their return times as they reflect off objects they strike. Collector's value: $60-90. With good working electronic flash add $25 (All models).

*It's interesting to note here that Polaroid discontinued the manufacture of their Time Zero Films during the early part of 2006. This will no doubt have an effect on how long these camera models remain a "user" camera. Once film is no longer available the SX-70 camera will be a collector only camera.


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for other brands of Antique and Classic Cameras
see our Antique and Classic Cameras Page


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